The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening

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I felt so many emotions as I listened to The Chronicles of Aveline. The beautiful performance of the narrator highlighted the depth of emotions and the suspense. Enjoyed it! A dash of historical fiction, drama, romance and suspense.”

Struck by the sword of injustice, driven by love and loyalty…
An unlikely heroine is born.

12th Century, England
In the time of Saladin
Before The Third Crusade…

It is the year 1181, and an ageing, battle worn, Sir Philip Fitzwilliam contemplates the changes the last Crusade inflicted on the landscape and on his estates.

The weathered grey bricks of Froulingham Manor look down the valley, the nearby woods and a countryside decimated by holy wars, where once men dwelt, but never returned from the religious
hatred and conflict the Holy Land inflicted upon them.

Sir Phillip, concerned by rumours of a shifting balance of power favouring Saladin’s Muslim armies in the Holy Land, fears yet another conflict.

He contemplates the future of his estates, and those of his two sons, Giles, his favourite, the other Raymond, an aspirant monk, and his beloved, gifted daughter… Aveline.

Aveline who thrived in the pursuits of men, skilled with a bow and arrow, and destined to be married off to a suitable man someday.

Aveline, who discovered the joys of love, to her own, and her lover’s detriment. Persecuted by the Church and separated from her lover and family.


The Chronicles of Aveline is the epic tale of a young woman’s incredible courage and loyalty even in the most desperate circumstances. A captivating story of family, love, heartbreaking trials, deception, and one woman’s determination to reclaim everything that was taken from her.

Get your copy and experience this turbulent time with a most unlikely heroine. One you’ll find hard to forget.


Written by Ken Fry

2 reviews for The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening

  1. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    Courage: The First Noble Value

    I received this free audiobook in exchange for an honest review. The first in the series leaves Aveline’s search for her beloved unresolved. A tragic story of how one’s life can take a turn at any given moment. A time when power and greed swept Aveline into a plot designed by cruel and evil pretenders. The entire book is a back story explaining how she arrived at the point in the prologue. The story was engaging and I want to learn more about the fate of the Lady of Froulingham Manor. Nice masculine voice of the narrator.

  2. Kimberly Quinn

    The 3rd Crusade ~ “The Kings Crusade” ~ is the dramatic backdrop and important character in The Chronicles of Aveline. “Awakening” is such a perfect subtext
    The Awakening of:
    Renewed Purpose

    This is one woman’s crusade to be restored to the true love of her youth against insurmountable odds. The brutalities of medieval times even for an educated woman comes from many directions. Society is male and church dominated. Aveline had the benefit of a father who taught her use both a bow and a sword. It comes as no surprise she will wield all the weapons she has at her disposal including her incredibly strong will to journey to a war zone in the Holy Land. I highly recommend this book.
    The Narrator is superb and truly adds to the story. His command of accents is fantastic. I received a free copy of this book in lieu of an honest review

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