Hoss: A Rough Romance

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He’s big, he’s mean, and he’s going to be rough with me.

I hadn’t seen Hoss Bishop since the day I stood him up, and I don’t know what I expected to happen when I walked through his door. But I know what did happen. He blistered my bare backside with his belt and then rode me so hard I could barely stand when he was done with me.

Hoss is a brute, but my life is in danger, and he’s the one man I trust to protect me. So, my only choice will be whether to try to stifle my screams of climax as I take everything he gives me or die.

He’s going to use me hard and often, but maybe, that’s just what I need.

Warning: Hoss includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this audiobook.

2 reviews for Hoss: A Rough Romance

  1. Siobhan Dilks

    Lost time

    Jack calihan has a dark moody sexy voice, that is ,perfect for this book.

    The last time Morgan saw Remington was just before, she left him standing and waiting for on prom night.
    20 years later , after leaving the military ,he is surprised to find on his door step asking for help and protection.
    Oh yes he is will to protect her , under his rules. Spanking, hard sex and his domaint ways.
    I did enjoy the characters, just want Morgan to be a less grudge holding….
    This is a love story, with a murder or two .

  2. Vicki

    Delta James did a great job with this book. Hoss started in on Remy as soon as she arrived at his house by setting the rules. Hoss is a dominant alpha who would quickly punish by spanking then having mind-blowing sex with her. Remy was on the run from someone who wanted her dead. They had already killed her roommate and framed her. In addition to claiming her body, Hoss vowed to protect her. This was a fast-paced, suspenseful, hot book. Hoss and Remy end up on the run from the killer or killers until Hoss’ old team arrived to assist them. There was lots of suspense in this book. Remy was foolish in some of her actions. Good thing she had Hoss and his team. Jack Calihan did an outstanding job with the narration.

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