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Kimberly Quinn
The Lipstick Murders “2 1/2 stars upgraded to 3 due to potential. Sometimes an audio version of a book can “fix” some grammatical errors and typos but it can’t hide everything—even with a good narrator. As a reader nothing is more frustrating than to have go backwards because of mixed tenses and gaps. There is are two interesting mysteries here unfortunately they never coalesced into a cohesive storyline. Someone must have read the advice that “sex sells” but missed the part where graphic sex scenes still need to advance the storyline. This book has all the makings of a very good book—female protagonist, police procedural, 2 ongoing mysteries. I’m sad that they were too disjointed. I received a free copy at my request from Audiobook Unleashed as a Verified Reviewer.”
The Chronicles of Aveline: Awakening “The 3rd Crusade ~ “The Kings Crusade” ~ is the dramatic backdrop and important character in The Chronicles of Aveline. “Awakening” is such a perfect subtext The Awakening of: Womanhood Purpose Love Injustice Grief Renewed Purpose This is one woman’s crusade to be restored to the true love of her youth against insurmountable odds. The brutalities of medieval times even for an educated woman comes from many directions. Society is male and church dominated. Aveline had the benefit of a father who taught her use both a bow and a sword. It comes as no surprise she will wield all the weapons she has at her disposal including her incredibly strong will to journey to a war zone in the Holy Land. I highly recommend this book. The Narrator is superb and truly adds to the story. His command of accents is fantastic. I received a free copy of this book in lieu of an honest review”
Where Bluebirds Fly “This is an obviously very well researched historical fiction YA tale of Salem Witch trial. The sprinkling of historical references were excellent from Tituba to the play The Crucible. I felt the future knowledge was used more than one too many times as a way to introduce theories and facts about the Trials. I also found myself getting to the point of saying out loud “yes, that was great information the first time it was said”—repetition can be a useful tool to keep tension going—when it is used sparingly. In spite of those tropes I do recommend this book for its creativity, original approach to the subject matter and excellent narration. The Narrator had a very good command of accents and differentiation of character’s voices. I appreciated the MC ruminating about the differences in the lives of women and children in the different time periods.”
Elementary, My Dear “An interesting twist on a Sherlockian type mystery. Since it’s included in the blurb we immediately know Claire, a 1940s PI, teams up with a man who believes he’s Sherlock Holmes. There are some great tidbits sprinkled about Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, how he was received historically and even being portrayed in 1940s films. There was some great historical research done pertaining to Templar Knights/crusades and conspiracy theories about the Illuminati. It was interesting to see so much research done for a book that quite often comes off a bit lighthearted and tongue in cheek. The Narrator is excellent. She nails the 1940s “Mid-Atlantic” gumshoe accent. The distinction between characters is clear. Her command of both historically accurate accents and British male characters really added to the story. I loved that there was a strong female detective without sacrificing the societal obstacles she would need to overcome. I received a free copy with no obligation to leave a review.”
Her Name Is Murder (Lady Dreamscapes Book 1) “Fantastic story of what it would be like to live through 500 years of history (a secret fantasy of mine) as a person who is different. Set yourself free: assassins are out to get you so put your seatbelts on its going to be a bumpy ride. Levi is a golem. Murder is cursed in her mother’s womb with “immortality”. Soul mates/Platonic Friendships over centuries where we get to see the changes in political systems, sexualities, women’s status in society. All of this while staying alive for 500 years with a multitude of careers and witnessing the amazing changes. I loved the Narrator-Her command of accents, characterization, voices etc- I never lost my place or which character was speaking. To the author: There better be much more because you really have a hit book here!”