The Brain Gang


When 102-year-old Mildred Wall died, two scientists preserved her brain in a tank of liquid and revived it. To their dismay, Mildred turned out not to be the sweet old lady they expected – instead, she’s rather nasty. Upon being informed of her mother’s living brain, Mildred’s seventy-year-old daughter, Emily, comes to torment it – payback for years of Mildred’s cruelty towards her.

Unfortunately, after gleefully making life miserable for Mildred, Emily suffers a heart attack. The scientists, knowing nothing about the bitter relationship between Mildred and Emily, act quickly and preserve Emily’s brain next to her mother’s. After not having spoken to each other for twenty years, Mildred and Emily concoct a brilliant plan, one they need Emily’s daughter, Anna, to participate in. Using ESP powers they have developed in the tanks, Mildred and Emily convince Anna to commit suicide so that her brain will be preserved along with theirs.

Only one more person is required for the plan to work, and that is Anna’s daughter, twenty-year-old Goth malcontent, Gina. Gina doesn’t have to die, though – she just has to obey orders. When Gina agrees to be part of the scheme, the four generations of women begin their ingenious plan.

Mildred, Emily and Anna take over the bodies of three other young, living women, women provided by Gina. Those women, in turn, take over other

bodies, including the body of one of the scientists.

And, if that’s not enough, the women discover a way to become immortal simply by taking over new bodies as the need arises.


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