Squirm with Me


Mason Becker is a self-published writer suffering from mild success. After the death of his girlfriend, he quits his job, moves into a tiny apartment in a small town in Ohio, and spends the next several months convincing himself to leave for anything other than food, beer, or cigarettes. He doesn’t even really consider himself a writer. He’s a guy who cashed in his 401(k) and is quietly biding his time until he has to find another job.

On the night he finally forces himself out to a local bar, he comes back to the apartment to find his twin brother, Doug. Doug is searching through Mason’s laptop and introduces him to his “hate reader”, an Internet troll with the slightly dyslexic name of Dargonslayer. Doug signs them up for a convention taking place in a few weeks, noting that Dargonslayer is going to be there and stoking Mason to seek vengeance, even if that vengeance comes only in the form of punching his hate reader in the dick. They just have to survive the oncoming blur of drinking, awkward sex, nature walks, and moderate vandalism.


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