Texas Heat Box Set – Books 4-6


Book 4 – Hopeless Hearts

In this true to life tale, Texas girl Amanda finds love in a young man named Andrew. However this new commitment is not all perfect. She has a variety of new worries including the approval of her father and pushing away difficult high school memories. Can their love survive rocky times?

Book 5 – Hidden Desires

When her husband leaves her for a younger woman, taking with him the company she’s worked so hard to build, the tabloids go crazy. Desperate and in search of an escape Honey Whitmore finds herself at Circle O, the O’Connor family ranch. Even though she has worked on Wall Street since graduating from college, she takes a job as a ranch hand, seeking only oblivion.

Caleb O’Connor is an entrepreneur and he’s at Circle O to help them transition into grass fed organic beef. The first time he sees Honey he falls for her without reservation, but Honey is hurting and she has no time for men. Caleb does not give up and he finally gets Honey to notice him.

Honey gradually finds healing and in the process she discovers that Caleb is really her knight in shining armor.

Book 6: Rescued Hearts

Depressed and struggling with grief after the death of her long-time fiancé, Emily travels to Texas as a favor for a friend. She falls in love with the big blue skies and the beautiful landscapes, but she knows it’s only temporary. Then she meets big, gruff cowboy, Andrew O’Connor, and almost everything she thought she knew about herself crumbles as she fights her attraction for the wary Texan.

Andrew has nothing but contempt for city girls and he immediately classifies Emily as one and wants nothing to do with her. Yet one gaze from her beautiful eyes and he finds himself questioning his biases and preconceived notions.


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