Her Wicked Heart Boxed Set


And you thought the Cunninghams couldn’t get any more wicked….

You’ve met the sexy, brooding Calder Cunningham….Now it’s time to meet the other half of the wicked Cunningham family. Three books in one hot set – from USA Today best-selling author Ember Casey.This bundle contains:

Her Wicked Heart (Book 3)

Take You Away (Book 3.5)

Lost and Found (Book 4)

This set contains a complete story and can be enjoyed whether or not you’re familiar with the first three Cunningham Family books.

Her Wicked Heart (Book 3)

Lou just needs someone to take her away. It doesn’t matter if she knows his name. Or if he knows hers.

Actually, it’s better if he doesn’t know hers.

At least, that’s what she tells herself when she’s sticking her tongue down the throat of the sexy handyman she just met at her new job.

Her father’s dead. Her family’s fortune is gone. And – oh yeah – she’s assumed a false identity so she could get a position at Huntington Manor, the luxury tourist attraction that was once her family’s estate. Nobody here knows that she’s Louisa Cunningham, former heiress and current complicated head case. To them she’s just Addison Thomas, assistant to the hotel’s general manager.

Well, except to handyman Ward Brannon. To him, she’s the strange, but intoxicating, new girl who tried to have sex with him without even knowing his name.

Ward is everything Lou knows she should stay away from. He’s a playboy. He’s constantly getting in fights. And he resents her family for reasons she doesn’t understand. But, in spite of herself, she can’t stay away from him, even when that puts her secret at risk. Even when it becomes increasingly clear that he harbors a few secrets of his own.

Take You Away (Book 3.5)

Two couples. Two struggles. Two wicked stories.

Part one:

Ward Brannon would do anything to protect Louisa Cunningham. No one’s ever gotten under his skin the way she has – or inspired such a hunger. But now that he knows the truth about her identity, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the two of them are worlds apart. Is their explosive passion enough to hold them together?

Part two:

Lily Frazer’s been through her share of ups and downs with the brooding Calder Cunningham – but she doesn’t know where to begin when it comes to his guilt over his sister. She hasn’t quite mastered the ability to ease his worries with her body, or to make his pain disappear with her lips or hands or softly whispered words, but she’s determined to try…even if it takes all night.

Lost and Found (Book 4)

Love on the run….

Louisa Cunningham and Ward Brannon are on a mission: to escape the mess (and the families) they left behind.

But life on the road is more difficult than either of them expected. Out here, there might not be any rules, but there are also no longer any secrets…and nowhere to hide from each other.


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