Susanna’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 10)

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Susanna Greyshott’s family were once wealthy and well-to-do, but they have fallen upon hard times, and she and her Mama have been forced to make changes and do the best they can under the circumstances. But it has made Susanna hard as flint, unwilling to forgive and even less willing to open her heart. She is quite prepared to move to Texas, where she believes she may finally be able to build a life for her and her Mama where they are beholden to no-one, but a face from her past could ruin it all. Can she truly let herself accept all the benefits and happiness that Faith Creek longs to offer? Will she learn to forgive and accept the love that has always been all around her?

Dr. Nathaniel Baron has been Faith Creek’s only physician for some time, but as more and more people arrive and make their homes there he knows he will have to expand the practice. But searching for suitable doctors and nurses who actually wish to make a new start in the wilds of Texas isn’t that easy – especially when you secretly wish to find a bride and haven’t even let yourself know it yet!

1 review for Susanna’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 10)

  1. Cindy Nipper

    Another wonderful tale in this series! There’s some healing of hearts in this one and opportunities for forgiveness. I believe their love was gained a bit fast and for mostly superficial reasons, but it was a great book nonetheless!
    The narrator should look into varying his male voices as I mentioned in the previous book. I am glad that the narrator has continued though.

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