Soldier’s Fortune

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The war is over, and America is trying to heal, but Clara can take no joy in it. Even as the farm prospers and her family is once more at peace, Clara faces unimaginable grief: she has been unable to carry a child to term, and the loss of her children has nearly destroyed her. She has tried to remain strong for the sake of her family, but now, pregnant again, Clara finds herself consumed with fear – if she loses this baby as well, she is not sure she can go on. Jasper tries to comfort his wife, but he is lost enough in his own grief that he knows there are no easy answers. As he and Clara cling together against a harsh world, he fears that another tragedy will break them apart. He believes that things cannot get worse, but he is sadly mistaken – because Jasper still holds secrets he has not told even to Clara. Secrets about his youth, his family, and why he has never tried to rebuild his family homestead. So when his sister comes to find him, a sister he thought to be dead, Jasper must at last tell the truth about the past he despises…and a present that seems increasingly hopeless.

2 reviews for Soldier’s Fortune

  1. Benita Dilley

    I, humbly, disagree with the author/publisher’s blurb and recommend you read this series in series order. While each book tells 1 whole story, for maximum character enjoyment, do the series as written. For example, the ending of book 3 makes little sense unless you have done book 2.

    Book 4 finds Clara and Jasper, lead characters of book 1, struggling after 4 pregnancies have ended in stillbirths and late miscarriages while Jasper still keeps secrets about his past.

  2. Benita Dilley

    This review is for Audible…not the author.
    AUTHOR…AUTHOR!!! Get Audible to fix your book.

    Audible does not have the chapters in the correct order! I played on both download and streaming. End of book chapters are in this order 15, 17, 18, 16, 14.

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