Freedom Forever

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With Jasper and Cecelia returned, and Solomon cleared of treason for his actions during the war, life at Dalton Farm has almost returned to normal. Of course, there’s the small matter of Cecelia’s pregnancy and her engagement to Abraham Thompson, the reverend’s son. In Solomon’s eyes, all is as it should be, and the pair will be married quickly to avoid any gossip. But Clara, who has endured her own unhappy engagement, sees sadness in Cecelia’s eyes…On the night of her wedding to Jasper, seeing Cecelia and Abraham bicker, Clara begs for the truth. She promises her sister that no matter what comes, she will protect her sister – and she speaks, as only she can, of the importance of being true to one’s heart. But Cecelia is hiding more than Clara knows. Should she break the engagement and tell the truth, the reputation of the entire family is at stake, and no matter the cost to herself, Cecelia is determined to protect her family….

1 review for Freedom Forever

  1. Benita Dilley

    In Civil War era Pennsylvania, Cecilia, sister of the heroine in book 1 of the series, is pregnant and betrothed, but not happy.

    Read/listen in series order. This is book 3 of 4.

    I am binging this series. The narrator is very good. But, for me, narration would have been better with more convincing female voices and more distinct character differences.

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