Redemption (Moonchild #3)

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Nearly a year after Asher Kimura swooped into Athens and saved Scarlett and her friends, the group has settled into a routine that almost feels like a real life. But when an altercation on the street turns deadly, they’re forced to head out west to lay low until things have settled down.

After a lifetime in the polluted world the Luddites have created, Scarlett is looking forward to seeing the sun in all its splendor for the very first time. Too bad the heat, dust, and utter lawlessness of the west leave a lot to be desired. But she’s determined to enjoy both her time with Asher and the break from the constant threat of living in Columbus.

It doesn’t take long for the group to realize that corruption knows no borders. Drugs, slavery, and forced prostitution are only the tip of the iceberg when Asher comes face-to-face with the demons from his past, leaving Scarlett to wonder if he’ll make it out in one piece.

With new characters and a fresh setting, the past meets the future in the exciting third book in the Moonchild series. Listeners rave about the “captivating setting, riveting plot, and heart-pounding action” in the Moonchild series, calling it a “much needed breath of fresh air in the world of YA fantasy”.

3 reviews for Redemption (Moonchild #3)

  1. Tina G.

    Redemption (Moonchild, Book 3) by Kate L. Mary and narrated by Heidi Drennan is another good addition to the series. I recommend if you’ve been following this series.

    What’s it about? Scarlett, Asher, and the gang return with Scarlett and Layla going out for a night on the town where bad things take place resulting in Layla needing to hide from the law. Asher brings a small group of their people out west to a town where it’s safe from the automatons but not safe from the people as no rule or law exists. As they try to settle in, things become dangerous when they find themselves helping to stop the more sinister dealings taking place. While the current events wrap up at the end, it is left open for another book, which I’m hoping will be an epic battle against ___(listen to the book if you want to know who 😊).

    Redemption is the perfect title for this book. I like that the characters are relatable in the sense they struggle with real problems such as PTSD, they are not perfect people, and the world is not all sunshine and rainbows. The things I didn’t like were (which is my first time ever writing this about Kate’s work): the focus on the weather was mentioned a few times too many and the pace/action was slower than the previous books, but want to note it may have seemed slower to me because I just finished Kate’s The Brightest Darkness, which is chock-full of action.

    The narrator, Heidi Drennan, did a great job again. She brings the characters, new and old, to life perfectly.

    Overall I recommend, especially if you’re looking for a new YA series with steampunk elements to it.

    *I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book!

  2. RJ

    Much has happened in the past year since the close of volume two. Paget has been rescued, Katana is no more, the slave auction destroyed, and Scarlett has finally decided to go all-in with Asher. Redemption is a fitting title for this volume. We will learn that Asher has more internal demons than Scarlett realized and that confronting these demons could be the literal death of him. Some additional background will also be revealed for the main characters; Scarlett, Asher, and Paget have a few more skeletons in their closets. We’ll meet some new characters as well. Our merry band will also take a little vacation “out west”. We’ll discover that the slave auction has not disappeared, only relocated. We haven’t seen the last of Asher’s father, Blake either. And at the heart of the story is the solidifying of Scarlett’s and Asher’s relationship. This is a very good story, tying up a few loose ends and creating some new ones. Needless to say, this won’t be the end of the series, which is a good thing for Kate’s fans. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  3. Shan MC

    Narrator continues to do a great job narrating this series. She fits all the character’s voices well, and her tone is nice. Quality performance and recording.

    In this third book, Scarlett and Layla make a stupid decision that leads to Layla needing to go into hiding; I do not like Layla or Dax. Annoying characters; the both of them. Scarlett, Asher, and most of the group end up going west to a wild west type setting to hide out; the desert, brothels and booze, little technology, corruption, and little in the way of actual laws. Scarlett, Asher, and the group find themselves dealing with a lot more danger than they expected. Turns out, there’s some evil people planning some very disturbing things for this wild west type area without much standing in their way to stop them. Scarlett, Asher, and the group need to find out what these shady characters are up to, and a way to stop all the bad guys. Plus, Asher’s evil father may be involved.

    Entertaining story with fun action. I wasn’t a huge fan of the setting; I’d like less prostitution and drug talk, but I’m still down with Scarlett kicking butt. She’s still withholding things and a bit too impulsive at times, but she has grown some as a character. Asher and Scarlett are fully together now; very sweet connection between these two! I’m glad they’ve finally gotten to a place where they can grow together. I think it would’ve been nice for there to be some chapters in Asher’s POV, but I do enjoy Scarlett’s POV. I was thinking this would be the final book in this series because I didn’t see any mention of another book in this series, but there’s still loose ends that weren’t wrapped up, so I’m hoping there will be another book. There are definitely more evil, sexually deviant people that need to be taken down; the amount of corruption in this world is crazy. I’m really ending this series, so I hope there will be more. I’d like to see Scarlett grow even more; use her common sense more, and for her to finally be able to relax. Plus, I’m loving all the action! Fully entertaining read!!

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