He was tired of fighting nature, fighting its cruel inhabitants. All he had to do now was survive. It all comes down to survival, doesn’t it?

When 17-year-old Runner was sentenced to death for stealing a loaf of bread in MegaCity One, his dreams were literally at an end. But then he opts to sign up for the Remnants of Men, a government sanctioned search for a rumored freshwater lake beyond a radiated wasteland.

At first, it seemed like a second chance to a new life, the transformation from zero to hero. But when he almost gets killed by a rabid gang of men desperate for the single energy bar he wanted to eat, he soon comes to understand that he is one of many discarded into the wasteland to study the cannibalistic effects of a new drug called the Sixth Sense.

Olivia Patterson has had one too many doses of the Sixth Sense and owes a massive debt to a shadowy rebel and loan shark called Death-Throe. Being the daughter of the City’s dictator, she knows too well that the gallows awaits any who associates with the rebel. In an attempt to free herself, she acquires an asset in the form of Runner and finds herself always at the edge, for if he survives it means freedom for both, but if he dies….

©2018 BLVNP Incorporated (P)2019 Peter Okafor


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