Twisted Mind (Twisted World, #1.5)

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Born at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse to the head of the CDC and the leader of the new world, Jackson Star has always known that he would one day rule. Only the Stars’ plans go much deeper than simply keeping humanity alive, and the evil that sleeps inside Jackson is darker than even his father knows. Everyone in the settlement is a puppet, and everyone has a purpose in the Stars’ master plan, starting with Megan James.

But as Jackson and his father creep closer to achieving their goals at the CDC, things slowly begin to unravel. Meg isn’t cooperating the way she should be, and the presence of a new person in her life is threatening to blow their plan apart. Jackson must now decide how to deal with the girl he has spent the last nine years trying to manipulate, as well as the family she has left and the man who has taken up residence in her life. To complicate matters even more, the darkness inside Jackson has gotten increasingly persistent, making it difficult for him to control it at times and leading him to wonder if he shouldn’t just give in to his urges once and for all.

Twisted Mind is a dark and disturbing look into Jackson’s brain, and the inner-workings of the CDC. It will give readers a glimpse of the future, as well as answer questions that have plagued us from the very beginning of the Broken World series.

5 reviews for Twisted Mind (Twisted World, #1.5)

  1. Shan MC

    Listened to this with Audible, and the narrator did awesome as always! This is the 3rd book I’ve listened to with the same narrator, and she always does a great job!

    Twisted Mind is Jackson’s demented POV. I think you should definitely read Twisted World first. The writing is still great, but I didn’t really care about Jackson’s POV because I already knew how sick in the head he is, so this was nothing new. This book gives us a different look at some of the scenes in Twisted World, so there really isn’t any new content that I felt necessary. This book just confirmed all the thoughts I had from reading Twisted World. Jackson and his dad are despicable people, and Twisted Mind shows us how much. Jackson gets off on blood and violence. The way he thinks about women is disgusting. I didn’t listen to the sex scene because I just didn’t want anything to do with it. Meg was definitely blind to how depraved Jackson is. Jackson is one step away from un-hinged. I know he grew up with his horrible father as an influence, but it really seems that Jackson would’ve been bad no matter what. I hope he gets knocked down; maybe become zombie chow. I’m ready to read that! Looks like it won’t be the next book, so I’m sad. The next book is sort of a prequel, which I hopefully will enjoy, but I really just want the story to continue!

  2. Mia Harper

    This book is from Jackson Star’s point of view, and definately not for the faint of heart. I don’t know how Jackson was able to hide his true nature from Meg for so long, he does make a very sinister villain, and she does seem surprisingly naive! I was on the edge of my seat, desperately hoping for Donaghy to survive Jackson’s plans, and for the James family to get away unscathed! I really enjoyed this book, it was very dark, intense and full of suspense.

  3. Mark Kelso

    loved this book out filled in some of the back stories on other characters in the books ☺☺☺

  4. RJ

    This novella came out after the first book of the Twisted World series, which adds a lot of helpful background. We are given insight into Jackson Star, the regulator’s son and destined to be head of the CDC. We’ll learn of his infatuation with Meg and all the under-handed plans to win her heart. And we’re introduced to his nastier alter ego, which he calls “the need”. This story overlaps book one concerning the cage fighter, but not to be repetitive. I enjoyed the tale and it filled in a few holes from the first volume. This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.

  5. Carole Wooten

    This was a great chance to see things from a completely different perspective. This is a novella-length story that really does need to be read after Twisted World since the events in this story take place at the same time. In this story, we see things from Jackson’s point of view. I was pretty sure that I didn’t like Jackson before I started this book but now I am absolutely certain that this is not a nice guy. It was really kind of fun to see just exactly how this guy mind really works. I had a good time with this story.

    Jackson Star was born at the start of the zombie apocalypse and he is roughly the same age as Megan. Jackson’s father is the man in charge of the settlement that they live in. He doesn’t know what it is like to not be in power. They live in a big house while others live in shacks. Jackson, along with his father, has a plan and that plan involves Megan James.

    Jackson was even worse than I thought he would be and I thought he was pretty bad. He really does have an evil mind and I was at times amazed by just how far he would be willing to go. I thought he was selfish and uncaring but learned that he actually enjoys seeing others in pain. He likes to make others suffer and he is completely unable to empathize on any level.

    This story was very eye-opening. It was really interesting to see things happening that I couldn’t even imagine. I liked that certain parts of this story mirrored Twisted World but though a warped lens. I thought I knew what happened but I didn’t know everything. I love the fact that even though I knew a lot of the events that would happen in this story, everything still felt very fresh because the perspective was so different.

    I thought that Heather Firth did a great job with this story. I like that she speaks very clearly and I think she does a great job with the character voices. I thought that she had a very pleasant voice and I had no trouble listening to this story for hours at a time.

    I would recommend this series to others. I love the world that Kate L. Mary has created and the characters almost feel like family. I cannot wait to read more in this series!

    I received a review copy of this audiobook from the author.

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