Retribution (Outliers #3)

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Retribution is the final book in the Outliers Saga.

With the Outliers united and the Fortis eliminated, Indra thought she was nearing the end of her journey. Instead, Asa went into the city only to be captured, and the Sovereign decided to unleash the full power of their technology.

Now, bleeding and separated from her husband and facing a traitor and an uncertain future, Indra finds herself wondering if she united the Outlier tribes simply so the Sovereign could destroy them more effectively.

With vile characters, brutal conditions, and vicious creatures, the final book in the Outliers Saga will take listeners on an unforgettable journey.

Follow Asa and Indra as they fight to start a life together while facing impossible choices that will test their limits and show them what sacrifice, forgiveness, and love really mean.

1 review for Retribution (Outliers #3)

  1. RJ

    Entering the city in the hope of finding a way to open the gates, Asa and Niko wind up captured. A Fortis/Outlier army waits outside the gates for Asa to succeed. The Sovereign retaliate in a big way using their electricity technology. From this point, the main plotline is Indra and clan looking for a way to rescue Asa and destroy the technology to put an end to the Sovereign once and for all. Earlier, Indra and Asa had married; as much as a show of solidarity between the two races, as a declaration of their love. There is an attempt on Indra’s life which is a two-edged sword in several respects. Indra must show strength as a leader, yet she cannot make herself take one of her own peoples’ life. Prior to these developments, Indra and Asa had learned of the “Untouchables”; the sick and maimed who maintain the mirrors that provide electricity for the Sovereign. With this knowledge, Indra possesses a potential weapon against the Sovereign. So much stands in the way of Indra and her people succeeding; the Sovereign, the technology, even the city walls. Do they have a snowballs’ chance of pulling this off? I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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