One Hundred Ways


After the death of her father, sculptor Riley Black leaves Butte, Montana for Aspen Cove in search of the family she’s never known. There, she will bend steel to her artistic vision…and maybe, just maybe find a place to belong. Her welcome is less than warm when handsome firefighter Luke Mosier catches her violating fire safety codes.

Luke Mosier isn’t just dead sexy. He’s dead serious about keeping the people of Aspen Cove safe. He’s convinced Riley Black is an accident waiting to happen. Even so, under her welder’s mask, Riley is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. His iron jaw softens when he realizes she’s more than she first appears to be. Not only can she melt metal, but she melts his heart.

As their attraction heats into a red, hot passion and their world goes up in flames, Luke has to choose between love and duty. Will their bond hold together under the strain…or shatter into a thousand pieces?


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