Runaway Mail-Order Bride and the Mayor (Daisy Creek Brides Book 7)

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Can escaping one nightmare possibly lead her to happiness? Or, will she be haunted forever?

After her mother’s death left her trapped in a toxic life with her drunk and abusive father, Heather knew she needed an escape. But fleeing one terrible reality lands her straight into another.

Heather is desperate until she finds a newspaper ad that might just be her way to freedom and happiness at last. An ad for a mail-order bride.

She sets out west for the town of Daisy Creek. But when she arrives, can she convince her prospective husband to choose her?

As mayor of Daisy Creek, Joshua knows that he should settle down and find himself a bride – if only he would receive a suitable response to his ad.

When Heather arrives in town, Joshua is immediately drawn to her beauty. Over the weeks, they grow in acquaintance, and the future starts to look promising for their blooming romance.

That is, until the secrets from Heather’s past come looking for her, and she is forced to reveal all that she has kept from Joshua about her life.

Will her lies and troubled past be too much for him to forgive?

Runaway Mail Order Bride and the Mayor is a passionate story about finding love and happiness against all odds. Will Heather and Joshua find a way to be together despite all that stands between them? Or, will their love break under the strain of the truth?

3 reviews for Runaway Mail-Order Bride and the Mayor (Daisy Creek Brides Book 7)

  1. Misty

    First of all, this is a great series. It can be read out of order if you want. Amelia Rose is a great writer who has all the details covered.

    I loved this story. It didn’t go the way I thought at all. The characters were well thought out and well developed. She touches on other couples in the series, yet stays the to this story. I loved the different levels of the story as well. It’s just not about 2 people. It’s about the relationship with everyone in town and the local Indian tribe as well, along with the “bad guys”. Excellent book

  2. Danny Harr

    Another great book in the Daisy Creek series. In this one Heather runs away from home and goes to Daisy Creek and meets the Mayor. There is a lot of excitement and adventure in this one. This may be my favorite but I could say that about them all. This is a definite five star book. Gina Dobbs does an excellent job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review. If this review is any help will you please click on the helpful link below. Thank you.

  3. Benita Dilley

    The daughter of an abusive coal miner flees his violence, then escapes being sold into prostitution before landing in Daisy Creek, a mail-order bride town. Clean, lightly Christian, fun read.

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