Necron: Beyond Einstein’s Barrier

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It’s the 27th century and Victor Zellmann awakes to find himself drafted into an army of the dead travelling beyond Einstein’s barrier…his past lost and future uncertain he clings onto the present and the young lady who befriends him on reanimation.

1 review for Necron: Beyond Einstein’s Barrier

  1. Jerry Harkey

    The 27th Century is harsh and Victor is in dire straights. He signs over his body (once dead) to a corporation to pay off his debts. Well, as reincarnated corpse, he’s suddenly finds himself in training to be a space Marine. This entire first book is his journey through boot camp to his first Ship assignment. It is a brutal path that whittles down over 2,000 recruits to just a few. These is even a love story amongst all the carnage, but don’t read unless you have a strong stomach for violence.

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