Tribe of Daughters


Honorable mention in the 2018 SPR Book Awards.

In this village, women are not the weaker sex. Nearly a century after a plague ravaged civilization, a secluded matriarchal society thrives in the mountains. In this village, there are no brothers, fathers, or sons. In this village, men exist only to serve the women. Boys have no mothers. In this village, men do as they are told, and defiance is severely punished.

This is the only life Wilderness has ever known, but when Jameson is brought in from the outside to be her husband, everything she thought she knew about strength and love is tested. As they struggle to find their place in the village, they suddenly find themselves face-to-face with outsiders who threaten to destroy everything they love, and it doesn’t take long to realize that they will have to work together, men and women alike, if they want to survive.


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