Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe

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Can sex really get better with age? For Joe and Elaine, an average couple married a long time, the answer is definitely yes! After 30 years together they begin experimenting with others and discover a whole new world of pleasure. An unexpected three-way leaves them curious and wanting more. When Elaine suggests a search for playmates, they meet John and his sexy Asian wife, Mika. Sparks ignite from the start for the women and two lucky husbands get to come along for the ride. Things get hotter with each visit and as fantasies are fulfilled, the couples become much more than just friends, proving that age is just a number.

Warning: This couple’s escapades haven’t cooled with age. These two are hotter than ever and anything but average.

1 review for Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe

  1. Cindy Andrews

    I loved everything about this book! I listened to it because it was about an average couple that was similar in age to my husband and I who were married a long time and were also empty nesters like us. Well, that’s where the similarities ended. As exciting as their sex life sounds, I think I’m going to just live vicariously through them. While this book had several highly erotic sex scenes, I felt like there was also a story to it with Joe and Elaine and their doubts about taking their fantasies and making them a reality. Elliott Daniels did a wonderful job bringing this story to life. He definitely had the perfect voice for this story. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an erotic story with a more mature couple.

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