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Settling the Score “I really enjoyed this story. It is a sort of double revenge story. I loved the character of Joey and also his family. I especially love his dad. Joey is outed and faces so much yet he keeps his integrity. Troy is a little more hardened to what life throws at him. When these two get together the relationship is moving. I loved how Joey brings out the original Troy. I really wanted a dad like Joe senior. I feel Joseph Morgan did a great job with his narration bringing all these diverse characters.”
Delphic Agency Books 1 – 3 “This is a collection of the first three books in the series. It involves three different stories with different characters. The first Paid to Kneel, pretty much sets up the main characters of the creators/owners of the agency. The story is a little on the heartbreaking side. Why Richard is trying to become a submissive in the agency is sad. The connection between Ash is heartwarming. The second story Paid to Take Control is definitely intense. It is between Brio and Painter. They both learn things about each other and themselves that kept me turning the pages The last story Paid to Be Shared is between three. A married couple are sort of incompatible but love each other and need a third. Birch is the perfect sub with ability to be what each needs. This is a little more into the experience. Each book has it’s own set of issues and resolutions. The narrator, Gavin McAllister manages to change his tone and modulation brought the characters to life without me feeling like I heard the same person. I think the books are so much more in the audio edition.”
Pretty Boy Dead: A Kendall Parker Mystery “This is the first story I’ve listened to/read by this author. I really enjoyed it but have to say it did require me to keep my attention on the story. Sometimes I can get the beginning of a book and then do other things while listening. This story has so much to it I found myself needing to pay full attention to be sure I didn’t miss something. There are so many side issues to the solution of why the young man was killed. On the road to this solution, I found out so much about the characters. First there is Kendall Parker. He is a homicide detective on the edge. He has so much guilt and sorrow going on that he is not able to operate as normal. His partner for five years Perelli, has plenty of his own issues. Then there is the reporter who has a past with Parker. And not to be overlooked is Parker’s partner who died, Michael. This death has a lot to do with Parker’s guilt. The story side of the dead guy leads to many more characters and events. I really enjoyed the story. It is not really a romance but the characters are so interesting that they brought out certain issues that are somewhat romancy. I would recommend this book. It kept my interest the whole way. The narrator, F.C. McAllister worked well for me. I feel he gave the life to these characters and kept me wanting to listen to what was next. I will look for more by this author.”
Paid to Kneel: A Steamy Gay BDSM Romance “I normally don’t do anything fantasy but this author made me curious. When I was given a chance to get a free copy and I love but can’t afford audio’s so I thought I’d try this. I’m glad I did. I didn’t find so much fantasy as much as plenty of sex. Richard is introduced into plenty non vanilla sex. Ash is a Dom who contracts Richard’s services. There is plenty of drama and though I got a feel for Richard from the beginning it was not till almost the end I really got an understanding of Ash. When they acknowledge the compatibility between them the relationship fits together. I feel the narration done by Gavin McAllister brought these two guys to life and the story so real.”
Cowboy Bareback “This is a quick, fun five stories. Dillon and Josh are college age guys. Stallion and Pinto are older cowboys. Stallion and Dillon are the first and second stories that tell of Stallion educating Dillon. Dillon’s friend Josh and cowboy Pinto are story three. A campsite provides the setting for their story. Story four are about all four of them with the added characters of Tex and Buck. Story four really explains the background of the characters and situation of Dillon and Josh going to the ranch and training. Story five is a group wrap up of the other stories and background about Tex and Buck and getting into the golden circle. I laughed about the swapping hearts, gay horses and the oil well pumping. I really enjoyed these quick stories. James Talbot did a great job of narrating these stories. He sounded like I’d imagine the characters to be.”
First Time Secrets: The Complete Collection “I’m reviewing the audio edition. This is really, in my opinion actually, one story. It follows David’s journey into being gay. He is finally away from his religious upbringing home and at college he feels free to discover being gay. He has an attraction to a professor but is that the way to explore? He also turns to Dean. Will this be the relationship he picks. I feel for a quick story and not expecting it to be too in-depth this fits the bill. The characters are minimally developed. The story is complete.”
The Naked Truth: The Complete Collection “This is the first story I’ve listened to by this author. I liked the characters. I feel the story flow is consistent. It appears Brent has always known that he is gay. He is just afraid to admit it even to himself. His college experience wasn’t all it should have been and he has tried to live the “normal” life with wife and kids but finds his attraction is there. When he gets a new boss, who he is instantly attracted to, it makes he deal with coming out. I think the author did a good job and making Brent a feeling person. He struggles with what he feels for his wife and kids. The only thing I wish is that the ending would have been a little deeper. It is probably just my preference because the author answers everything. All the issues are dealt with including a couple ex’s. The narrator, James Talbot, did a great job of bring the characters to life.”
Nothing Gray About Fifty “This is more like an episode than a book. Joe and Elaine are pursuing their enhanced sexual life. The first book should be read before you start this one. All the characters are introduced there. Joe and Elaine are starting to ask more questions of about this new sexual life they are living and plus being a little curious about more. The birthday plans are entertaining. The series seems to lean more toward the female satisfaction and issues. Overall it is a good quick story. There is a lot of territory covered in a small amount of words but it works very well. The narrator, Elliott Daniels does a great job as he smoothly tells the story.”
Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe “I thought the blurb from this book would be interesting. There is not a lot written with middle age couples I found that would be fun. This qualifies. This is a shorter story so I am pleasantly surprise how well the author makes you feel familiar with the main characters Joe and Elaine. Not exactly bored but yet both wondering if there is something more they start experimenting. Their journey is so well told that I was unable to set the story aside. I felt they could be friends of mine. This is set up to be a multi experience story. I also appreciate the narrator. Elliott Daniels did a great job of bring the story to life.”
Rent Me “This is the first story I’ve listened to by this author. For it being the author’s first book I think it is a great start for the series. The characters are well developed. The story flows right along and kept me interested. I have to admit as a character I didn’t really like Brennen. Even though things have been bad for him he is just too juvenile in his behavior. It’s his behavior that is a big part of the story though. The relationship between Brennen and Dmitri is a real soap opera. I also kept wondering just what Mischa might do next. I think James Talbot overall did a good job with these characters. The only fault I could find what I felt Dmitri sounded a little too whiny for a mobster sometimes but I don’t know if that is the story or a narrator. I liked it enough I look forward to the next in the series.”