Iron Creek Brides: Books 9-12


Iron Creek is a town full of stories…and there’s not one that doesn’t involve love and heartache.

In this captivating four-book collection, you’ll meet lonely soldiers, widowers, actresses, lawyers, and ex-convicts…and they’re all looking for love.

You’ll begin with the tale of The Hotelier’s Mail Order Widow, in which you’ll follow widow Cassandra on her long and tumultuous journey to finally meet Johnny, a soldier and the love of her letters… Is there too much in their way, or could they really make it all the way to the altar?

Book 10 brings you The Playwright’s Mail Order Leading Lady, in which writer Harry finally begins to live his life for himself, and meets a stunning actress by advertising for a bride… but their relationship could be destined for heartache as soon as Caitlynn goes back on the road…

In The Lawyer’s Mail Order Destiny, the professional contract Richard and Emily think they’re working within quickly blossoms into a deep and ever-growing love…but only time will tell whether either of them will be brave enough to share their feelings with each other and open their hearts to romance.

In Book 12, you’ll join ex-convict Elias Grove in The Mail Order Cowboy’s Second Chance as he begins to fall in love with Martha through her letters… But his past is out to haunt him, and their relationship is under threat before it even begins… Is it really possible to outrun your past… and could it be true that love really can conquer all?

One romance is never enough in Iron Creek, and in this captivating collection, you’ll find four tales of love and passion you won’t be able to put down. Let the stories roll, and lose yourself in the fires of love.


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