Just in Time

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Embark on a summer-at-sea adventure where love, mystery, and the supernatural collide. Will you be ‘Just in Time’ to survive?

When I’m accepted into the exclusive summer-at-sea college program run by Southeastern University, everyone tells me it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. So what if part of the agreement forces me to do a work-study? Free tuition, room, and board are more than worth scrubbing a few toilets for. But no one mentioned fighting off zombies, cultists, and some creepy student stalker trying to kill me at every turn. They could’ve included a disclaimer section in the brochure.

Are some of the students here among the hottest I’ve ever seen? Yes. But no sexy, mysterious upperclassman is worth risking my life to pursue. Unfortunately, whether I like it or not, fate has other plans—and I’m at the center of it all.

For fans of adventure-packed paranormal romance novels, magical schools, sarcastic heroines, and slow-burn romance, this book is a must-read.


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