Twist Of Fate


What do a disgraced journalist and the head of the New Orleans mob have in common? Nothing…except fate.

After being fired as a reporter in New York City, Quinn took advantage of a bequest from a relative and moved to New Orleans, trying to figure out what to do next. When one of the local papers gives her a chance, she makes the best of it, quickly becoming the Gazette’s rising star. Working with an informant, she sets her sights on a notorious Cartel.

Bodie is the head of the syndicate that controls the Crescent City. He wants to stop the Cartel from using the Port of New Orleans to import its new, deadly designer drug and using the Mississippi River to disburse it to the rest of the country.

Once he realized she was his fated mate, nothing would stop him from claiming her. After a not-so-chance encounter during Mardi Gras, Quinn finds herself bonded to the notorious gangster.

Fate may have made them mates but can they work together to bring down the Cartel before it’s too late?


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