Her Lucky Charm

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Some people collect lucky rabbit’s feet.

Apparently I collect lucky boyfriends.

So when my luck changes after run-ins with three gorgeous guys?

I’m not sure which one is the source of my newfound fortune.

Roman, my old highschool crush, who shows up in Vegas looking more tall, dark, and handsome than I remembered.

Danny, the blond-haired, blue-eyed friend, whose sexy smile and playful wink brighten my mood every day.

Victor, the chiseled motorcycle-riding bouncer, whose rough exterior probably translates to the bedroom….

The more time I spend with them, the luckier I am in the casino.

Every dice roll lands my way, and every blackjack hand lands on twenty-one.

Can I figure out which of these three amazing men is the source of my luck?

Or will I stretch my luck too far?

Her Lucky Charm is a stand-alone reverse harem love story filled with drama, suspense, and sizzling fun. HEA guaranteed!

3 reviews for Her Lucky Charm

  1. joanna biggs

    I am not sure if you could classify a reverse harem as a cozy romance but this has all the cute elements with hints of danger they usually have. I mean it’s got some hotness too but I got warm and fuzzy all through this book. Rose is a girl with the best of luck her whole life. When one day it vanishes she isn’t certain what to do. After several bad days she goes to a speed dating with her friend Danny and her mojo comes back after fun moments. It’s a cute story that follows her journey through her career and her not so conventional relationships. It was a sweet Saint Patrick’s day read for me. For the most part I enjoyed the narrator. There’s was one character I didn’t feel fit the voice given to him because he just sounded to young to me but over all I was quite happy with this book!

  2. Jerry Harkey

    Rose is a lucky girl and we hear a long slow build-up of why that is and how she dropped out of college to move to Las Vegas and become a professional gambler. Then, the story shifts to full-speed with sex and romance, and she’s suddenly juggling 3 guys! Not to worry, the action goes to very hot, to sweet and hot, but always Hot. Suspend your disbelief and go with it…

  3. Amy Corbell

    Hawt!!! 🔥 This reverse harem story has a lucky theme. Rose is usually lucky in all aspects of her life but she hit the jackpot with her 3 lucky men. The narration was great with all the different voices.

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