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It’s all fun and games until egos get hurt.

After a year of a seemingly happily-ever-after, Troy Babilonia throws a curve ball that smacks Larson Blackburn right in the head. When Troy’s debut novel, “Bridge to Lonely,” threatens to overshadow Larson’s own success, inviting a past shadow into the light of their present, the two alphas must learn to adjust.

“Bridge to Lonely” has garnered an unexpected success both in the literary world and in the film industry, forcing Larson to accept that he is not the only successful author in the building. But as Troy’s old flame decides to make an appearance, the two alphas are forced to test the strength of their love. Let the battle of the egos recommence; where sarcasm is the preferred weapon, and the testosterone levels go beyond the boiling point.

Because Black Balled just wasn’t enough…Smith & LeNoir bring you Hard Edit.

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  1. Bette

    Larson?Troy! Fabulously Enjoyable Story & Audible Listen?
    Hard Edit
    Sequel to Black Balled
    By: Andrea Smith, Eva LeNoir
    Narrated by: Joel Leslie

    OMG, I just loved this book, the amazing characters and storylines are entertaining and had me laughing out loud at times. I had thoroughly enjoyed Andrea Smith & Eva Noir’s first book “Black Balled”, Larson & Troy’s story of how they met and became a couple and what a story that was. This is a continuation of their story and the authors continue their greatness. There is never a dull moment, the storylines are filled with drama, humor, a bit if angst and some hot romance. Troy and Larson are unique individuals, each having their own strong personality and when together they could be a comedy act and/or porn stars, not at the same time, well mostly. There are many laugh out loud moments in this book, the authors surely nailed it with the humor. Everything was going great for Troy and Larson, their relationship and their careers are all going well. Troy finally published his book, he even got an offer to bring it to the screen. When the person who wants Troy to sign a contract to bring the book to film turns out to be a blast from his past things start to go haywire, making matters worse is that Larson has history with this person too. Misunderstandings and miscommunication wreaks havoc on their relationship. I was rooting for them, so was Ida, their trusty neighbor with her dog Muffy. You know she will work her Ida magic to get them back on track. BTW, loved Minette and the story behind the name, Troy and Larson sure have nutty neighbors, LOL! Loved Muffy and Minette’s bonus chapters too. I highly recommend this book, it is mesmerizing and enjoyable and you’ll have a smile on your face from start to end. Andrea Smith & Eva Noir thank you for another brilliant story!

    I listened to the Audible edition, the talented Joel Leslie continues to bring these characters to life, gives each their voice and personality. He sets a perfect pace for the story, lands the humor and banter between characters effortlessly. He projects the emotions of the character into his performance and adds a nice dramatic flair which enhances their great story another level. Thank you for another great listen?

  2. MR Blu

    Joel Leslie is an amazing narrator. I love this series, it just gets better with every book. The cockiness of the protagonists and the perfect amount of build-up makes this audiobook something to listen to in one sitting. I absolutely recommend it. It is hot hot hot and I love the character building. I am in love with these characters!
    Happy Listening

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