Extinct: The Great Dying, Book 1


*This book starts the story in a way that will feel familiar to those who know Jack Hunt’s work, but you will be taken in some very surprising directions from book 2!


Their extinction will be the beginning of ours….

All over the world, birds falling out of the sky cause countless traffic accidents. Reports of dead fish washing up follow. As the mysterious death of animals increases and a terrifying future unfolds, a family in a small Vermont town grapples with the inexplicable.

With emergency phone lines tied up, Emily Mansfield, a science teacher, finds herself stranded miles from home with an injury and forced into a race against time when strangers kidnap her child for unknown reasons.

In a state of desperation, Emily turns to Game Warden, Travis Young, and her ex-husband for help in getting her back alive. But the odds of survival drop by the hour when exacerbated by a deadly medical condition and unforeseen chaos.

Delivering tension and thrills that will hold you until the end, international best-selling author Jack Hunt offers a gripping snapshot of a world unraveled by an extinction event unlike any other.


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