Cruel Masters

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Men like them don’t ask. They take.

I thought I understood the risks of going undercover to report on billionaires flaunting their power, but these men didn’t send lawyers after me. They’re going to deal with me themselves.

Now I’m naked aboard their private plane, my backside already burning from one of their belts, and these three infuriatingly sexy bastards have only just gotten started teaching me my place.

I’m not just going to be punished, shamed, and shared. I’m going to be mastered.

Publisher’s Note:¬†Cruel Masters¬†includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

2 reviews for Cruel Masters

  1. Polli Campbell

    This was a new author and narrator for me and,, sadly, both were a little disappointing.
    The story, while interesting in some places, had very little world building and depth. There’s several flaws in the plot that makes it unbelievable. And if you get a copy of the ebook there’s several typos in that as well. I often felt that a good editor would have spotted this and forced a correction because it is so annoying for the reader/ listener.
    Also, there was only one narrator, a male, who didn’t quite get the female voice, and his voice felt, to me, slightly creepy.
    Basically this is a story that relies on the readers desire to enjoy female degradation and humiliation, and an ability to believe that said degradation could eventually manifest in true love to all three men in a very short space of time, where they get to have an HEA.
    Obviously, as you can tell, I was not a keen fan. I have to have a level of believability when investing time in a book and this one fell short for me
    I received this book free in return for an honest review.

  2. Vicki

    Initially I did not care for the three men, who were business partners in Extreme Inc., but that changed for me by the end of the book. They were totally alpha. Loved the reverse harem. Piper Stone is great at her craft writing erotic fiction. Heath Wakefield did a very good job with the narration.

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