Enchanted by the Werewolf


Jared is a small-town werewolf trying to save his pack. Tony is a witch-for-hire searching for something more. Together, they must go up against a dangerously incompetent magic user…or Jared’s family will be cursed forever.

Sexy werewolf Jared Huntington loves his family, his job, and gossip. When the town falls under a mysterious curse, Jared must journey out into the world to seek magical assistance. But when the culprit turns out to be his own brother, Jared must find a way to save his home without hurting his family. With a distractingly-sexy witch at his side, will Jared be able to protect those he loves?

Tony Edlund has always had magic flowing from his fingertips. He loves how working as a traveling magic user gives him the freedom to explore the globe, and he never regrets his nomadic lifestyle…until the sexy Jared Huntington hires him for a job. When Tony hears that an inexperienced magic user is messing with dangerous forces, he knows he needs to help. Will Tony be able to resist his client’s charms long enough to stop Jared’s power-mad brother?

Enchanted by the Werewolf┬áis a short, gay paranormal romance novella. If you like red-hot passion, heart-pumping drama, and magical love stories, then you’ll love the second installment of the Werewolves of Singer Valley romance adventure series.


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