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If I click my heels together three times and wish hard enough, can I save Hell?

Hell is so not like what they tell you about when they are trying to scare you. It’s actually kind of nice when you aren’t there to take on an insane prince of Hell. I’ve got allies. I’ve managed to get most of the supernatural groups working together.

Lilith and I open a hellmouth to an area of Hell called the Sacred Forest, and I lose all ability to even react when I see who all lives there. Dead gods, demons who used to run amok in the Underworld when it went by different names, and all the souls of magical creatures you only read about in stories. 

My new allies include Hades, Osiris, Anubis, Centaurs, fairies, an Egyptian fire-breathing snake woman named Sesy, and a lot of nine-headed jackal men who eat the flesh of souls in Hell.

A corrupt prince of Hell might have every hellhound soul in Hell on his side, but there are chinks in his armor. He lied to them about me, and he lied about killing my father. Hell hath no fury like a hellhound that has been lied to, nor the princess of Hell, when fallen angel decides to bring that much drama into her life.

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  1. Mia Harper

    Epic battle for hell!
    An action-packed, fast-paced end to the series, this was the best of the series, I couldn’t stop and was so upset when I finished the book!! Hailey and her mates pull together to raise an army to save hell, the party is in the Sacred Forest, come and meet, Hades, Anubis and the gang! I can’t recomend this book highly enough it is amazing!

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