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Avery never dreamed she’d have to leave her dad and friends behind to spend the summer with a mother she barely knows. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, the discovery she belongs to a coven of teenage witches changes everything. Avery soon learns most of her life was built on a lie.

Though she doesn’t want to believe what the coven reveals, she can’t deny the power growing inside her. With little choice but to embrace her new life, Avery finds herself sinking into a world of magic and mystery. The deeper she goes, the more her feelings develop for Reid, another member of the coven.

Avery’s barely awakened to her powers before Regan arrives with evil intentions. When he forces Avery and her friends into his nightmare realm, each new horror he throws at them tests the limits of their powers and leaves Avery with the realization she’s different from the rest of the coven. There’s a reason why Regan wants her so badly, and the growing strength of her powers draws her toward the lure of darker magic.

Can Avery resist the darkness inside herself to save the people she loves most, or will she succumb to the temptation of Regan’s sinister promises of absolute power?

2 reviews for Nightmares

  1. Shan MC

    Very teen and very much like The Secret Circle; that was my first thought about this book. Avery has just found out she’s a witch; lots of information has been held from her, so she’s definitely in shock when she hears this news. She’s a bit of a brat in the beginning. She joins a coven with a group of other teens, and begins her magical journey. Unfortunately, these kids are messing around with things they really shouldn’t be, so they find themselves dealing with an evil entity. Avery is a bit too much of a damsel for me, but she’s okay; typical teen. There’s a bit of sweet romance with Reid, but Avery still has a lot of maturing to do. There’s some fun magical elements to this story; I like the spooky house hide and seek, and how their fears manifest into visuals. That was all cool stuff. Overall, I was entertained, but lack of character depth and originality, made this story just okay. I read the synopsis for the next book and some reviews, and it seems like the story is just going to be very similar to this one, so I probably won’t search out the sequels. If I see them at a good price, I may pick them up.

    Also, I listened to the audio version on Audible. The narrator did a nice job. She fits the characters well, and she gives good emotional variances to her voice. Recommend.

  2. Coolestmommy R

    While it is a young adult book, I really did enjoy it. There was a lot of good suspense, intrigues, and I liked the characters. It was a good start to a new series and while a few places did read a little slowly, I think future books will read more quickly without the learning curve of the new series.

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