Dragonlord: A Dark Shifter Romance

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A dragon does not ask. He takes.

When Bridget set out on her own, she sought freedom from the strict rules of her pack. What she found was a beast more stern and demanding than any alpha wolf, a creature of legend intent on claiming her as his mate and breeding her to bring his kind back into the world. A dragon.

Gideon did not ask the little she-wolf if she wanted to belong to him. It was not up to her. The moment he awoke and smelled the scent of his mate, she became his. He tracked her down, punished her defiance, and then ravaged her until a thousand years of lust was fully slaked.

He did not mark her with his teeth like a wolf. He did not need to. Her body knows its master.

Publisher’s Note: Dragonlord is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as Warlord, Overlord, and Wolflord. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

2 reviews for Dragonlord: A Dark Shifter Romance

  1. Debra Anne Boulier

    Loving this series. Bridget and Gideon’s story. Had be laughing. Damn dominate men and hard head women. Can’t say enough about Jack Calihan, he’s an awesome narrator.

  2. Vicki

    This book was so good! Delta James’ books keep your attention throughout and before you know it, the book is over. Everyone thought the dragons had all but vanished but Gideon, hot dragon shifter, was awakened from his slumber. He could smell his mate, Bridgett, and went to search for her. Bridgett, a she-wolf, was the mate of a pack alpha who died. She wanted to escape her pack to start a pack of females. She even left her young daughter behind (but Gideon takes care of that). Bridgett was very feisty but she was no match for Gideon and the mate bond. She tried her best to fight the attraction to Gideon but, of course, it did not work. It was destiny for them and Gideon is a very dominant alpha. This book is tied to Warlord, Overlord, and Wolflord. I can’t wait to see what happens when Gideon’s brothers awake and go in search of their mates.

    I cannot say it enough that Jack Calihan is an awesome narrator. He does an outstanding job narrating these books. I could just picture Gideon talking to Bridgett in Jack’s deep, sexy voice.

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