Deacon: The Carmichaels, Book 1


When Clint Carmichael died, he left a shattered wife and four children. Someone had to take over the reins of the Starlight Ranch.

That someone was 23-year-old Deacon. Now, 10 years later, the multimillion-dollar ranch is running smoothly under his command. His family, not so much.

Deacon’s siblings don’t always appreciate his inherent need to take care of everything and everybody. But he’s determined to carry on the family legacy to honor their father. If that means taking on a paternal role, so be it.

Running a ranch and a family are two full-time jobs. There’s no room or time to look for a relationship. Deacon’s fine with that. He has no interest in getting tangled up with a woman.

But when Cassidy O’Hare comes to town, he starts to wonder if being alone is what he really wants. One problem. She’s dating his brother.

With the Carmichaels, family comes first, along with loyalty and honor. Cassidy can never be his.

Cassidy may very well find her happily ever after at the Starlight Ranch. But which Carmichael brother with be by her side when she does?

Deacon is the first book in the four-book Carmichael series. It’s the beginning of a family saga with family loyalty, humor, handsome cowboys, and a hard-won romance.


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