She thought she’d never be able to find a lover, but he’s been in her bed for years.

Anime-obsessed Anne might be a fictophiliac, or she might just hate touch so much, she’ll never have sex. She doesn’t really care about the difference, as long as she has her favorite pillow to grind against when she needs physical relief.

Anne’s favorite pillow is more than just a feather-filled cotton sack—he’s alive but no one knows it. Hot, pulsing magic weaves between his fibers each time she touches him. All he wants is to be the man Anne needs.

Soft. Moldable. And ready to cater to her every desire.

But when he has enough magic to become a man, will Anne accept his eager touch? Can flesh and fabric come together in erotic bliss? Will more than one of them end up fully stuffed?

Stuffed is a MF living pillow romance best suited for ages 18 and up. Detailed content notes are available on the author’s website.


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