Crazy Daisy

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Daisy Jones has loved Gideon McElroy her entire life. Painfully shy, she lived for the summers spent at her grandpa’s cabin as a child, when Gideon would come to stay with his grandfather, the Colonel. While the old men reminisced on happier times and discussed the sad state of the future, Daisy would follow Gideon like a puppy, happy just to be in his presence. To her, he was everything a girl could want in a Prince Charming. When he enlisted, she was heartbroken but took solace in the fact that he would still come to visit his aging grandfather when time allowed. 

Fate had other plans, and when his grandfather passed on, and Gideon didn’t attend the funeral, Daisy knew he was gone forever. She married, had a child, and tried not to think of Gideon or what had become of him. It was a childish infatuation. 

Fifteen years have come and gone, and Daisy stayed on the summer island after her own grandfather died to raise her little girl. As the local vet, she sees to the needs of the tiny town and keeps to herself after her husband’s suicide. But when rumors fly that a strange man is squatting on the Colonel’s land, she makes it her duty to investigate. She finds Gideon, a battle-scarred, ruthless man now, who wants nothing to do with the town or her. Can she help him overcome his experiences, or will his wounded soul drag her into his dismal world? 

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