Secluded with My Hellion

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Lady Odessa Lynwood has loved the Earl of Havenwood since she was a young girl. He is her brother’s best friend and their nearest peerage neighbor. She is tired of him avoiding her and decides to do something about it. There isn’t a doubt in her mind that he loves her too; however, she doesn’t understand why he’s denying it. She leaves Kingbridge, her family home, on the brink of a snowstorm to confront him. 

Gavin Barrington, the Earl of Havenwood, hasn’t made a move to declare his intention for Odessa for a very good reason. His family is cursed, and he refuses to subject her to the disaster his family name would bring her. But when they are trapped in a hunting cabin during an epic snowstorm, it changes everything.

In the midst of the blizzard, they must come to terms with their love and figure out if they can overcome Gavin’s worst fears and have a life together.


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