Carson Hill Ranch Box Set, Books 7-9

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Book 7 – Trusting In Love
Claire Calhoun wants nothing more than to continue her happy relationship with Deputy Peshenka but as he begins to press her for information about who she really is, she knows it can never work out. When he finally proposes, her heart says yes but her past speaks louder. Before she has the chance to make things right with Pesh, he’s wounded in the line of duty. Can some help from Carson Hill’s own posse bring him back to her safely in time for her to make it up to him?

Book 8 – Rescued By Love
As the time draws near for the twice-yearly cattle drive, Mr. Carson is feeling his age. He wants to be there when his grandkids–all nine of them–experience the magic and the history of the drive for the first time. Emma Carson enlists her best friend to come from Houston to help wrangle the kids while their parents wrangle the herd.

But from the moment Dee steps off the bus and comes face to face with a vision from her dark past, trouble begins. Can she and Hawk patch up their differences long enough to save the kids from revenge gone wrong, and is the past ever truly behind them?

Book 9: Falling For Love
A lost, bedraggled stranger walks up to large animal vet Dr. Joshanne Ryan’s cabin on Carson Hill Ranch in the middle of the night. Romney Jens has been wandering for three days since his car broke down, and Joshanne knew she couldn’t just send him on his way. After his first food and drink in days, the stranger is allowed to spend the night in the barn until someone from the main ranch can come take him to his car.
When Joshanne learns that Romney will just have to sit tight for a few days until help can arrive, what does she do? She puts him to work! With her research into a disease that plagues the herd of Carson Hill on the line, there’s no time for playing games. But the more Joshanne and Romney learn about each other, the more they learn about themselves.
It’s a race against the clock to see if love really does overcome all obstacles, especially when disaster awaits.

1 review for Carson Hill Ranch Box Set, Books 7-9

  1. Benita Dilley

    While characters from previous books make cameo appearances, these three could be read in any order and have complete stories.

    7. Trusting in Love. A well narrated, 2.5 hour, predictable, enjoyable contemporary Western romance featuring two more Carson Hill citizens, Claire Calhoun (a woman with a past) and Deputy Peshenka.

    8. Rescued by Love. New Carson Hill characters are introduced as folks joining the group to help with the annual cattle drive, the first for the Carson grandchildren, in this enjoyable, well performed 2.5 hr audiobook.

    9. Falling for Love. We meet new characters in this fun, enjoyable Western contemporary romance in book 9 of 12 Carson Hill Ranch books, when vet Dr. Joshanne Ryan meets a new mystery man. 2.5 hours audiobook.

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