Bear: A Dark Shifter Romance

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For centuries he roamed the mountains, restless and wild. Then he chose me as his mate.

He was a man once, long ago. Now people say he is nothing more than a myth, a legend, a story locals tell one another around the campfire. The tale of the mountain man who became a bear.

But I know better. He saved my life, and he watches over me still. Because I belong to him.

The man in him is old-fashioned, from a time when a headstrong woman was taken over a knee, but the beast in him is as wild as this land itself, and when he claims me, it will be truly savage

4 reviews for Bear: A Dark Shifter Romance

  1. Kimberly Howe

    I loved it!! The story, characters and narrator! I loved the story of Cade and Haley. Cade is super Uber Alpha and Haley is a girl from the 21st century trying to reason with a man who won’t be reasoned with. Cade and Haley have a love that transcends time and it is pure. I loved this storyline, it is fast paced and interesting. Jack Calihan, the narrator, definitely brings something to the table and leads a lot to the story. His voice is pure sin!! Love him!! Yummy! Highly recommend the audio for this book!!

  2. Jocelyne

    This is a bear shifter romance. Cade and Haley’s short story is hot, and fast-paced. Cade is an alpha dominant bear shifter, and Haley is a sassy strong heroine. The storyline has hot scenes, but isn’t really developed. Jack Calihan did a great job with the narration. #AudiobookUnleashed

  3. Jodi Price

    I enjoyed this story, Cade is an alpha dominant bear shifter and Haley is an independent women. Cade saved Haley’s life once and ten years later he does again but this time he is not letting her go! Narrator Jack Calihan does a wonderful job with the story and characters!

  4. Christi Fowler

    Title: Bear
    Author: Delta James
    Format: Audio
    Narrator: Jack Calihan
    Genre: Dark, shifter (Bear) romance, suspense, D/S, Spanking
    Standalone: Yes
    Part of a Series: No
    POV: Haley and Cade
    Steam Level: Hot

    At this point, I’ve read several Delta James books and Bear is what I’ve come to expect from her writing. While the spanking and disciple didn’t bother me per se, I think if Cade had set some rules beforehand then it would have been more effective. Haley wasn’t really told what he expected of her ahead of time which would have been hard. I also wish there had been an epilogue to help round out the story.

    Side note, as someone who was raised in Southern California in the 80’s and 90’s I was highly amused when we found out Just Cal’s last name. Every time his first and last name were said together “and his dog Spot” went through my mind and I giggled.

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