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Marked An Evergreen Academy Novel, Book 1
Better, Smarter Sleep with Hypnosis & Guided Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation: Everyday Meditation Scripts to Music for Anxiety, Stress Relief, and a Quiet Deep Sleep “The first chapter was outstanding. It contains not only information about why sleep is important to your health and well being, but excellent tips on how to get to sleep and stay asleep longer. Some of these tips are well known, but others were new and made me rethink my own routine prior to trying to sleep. The rest of the chapters included are guided meditations designed to be listened to as you are going to sleep. They are very good in content, but I wish the narrator had altered his voice a little more while guiding them. I have used a couple of the guided meditations, and they are definitely helpful in relaxing the mind and allowing you to drift peacefully into sleep. Overall I thought this book was great. If you would like to know the benefits of longer sleep patterns, and need some ways to achieve your goal of longer sleep, this will be a great tool for you!”
Broken Rules “The premise of the story is great, but the plot seemed rushed. There are too many secrets revealed in both characters lives that happen simultaneously. I would have liked a little more time spent exploring those revelations, so that the plot had time to simmer before jumping right into the sexual relationship. The only other issue I had with this book, is that the narrator sounded so young that it made me cringe every time the erotic scenes played out. Despite the issues mentioned above, this book is worth the listen if you enjoy steamy romance novels.”
Broken: Three Stories of Non-Redemption “These stories were ok, but not the kind of stories I enjoy. The narration was pretty good, but as much as I tried, I didn't love these little shorts.”
One Eyed Jack “Once I started this book, I couldn't stop listening until the end! The author and narrator make a perfect combination to create a story filled with well developed characters, suspense, and blackmail. This is exactly the type of book I love to listen to, and I can't wait to start the next book in the series!”
Autumn at Apple Hill “This is a cute story, but I felt that the plot was predictable. I would have liked for the characters to have more depth, and for the romance to take a little more time to develop to make it more realistic. However, it is definitely worth a listen. If you're looking for a quick feel good story this book will be perfect for you!”
The Hollow “What is going on with Carol? The book peeked my curiosity with that question, and took me on a journey of twists and turns and kept me guessing until the heart pounding conclusion. Romance, betrayal, suspense, and science fiction all rolled into a fascinating psychological thriller. I would love to give this book five stars, but the sound quality isn't great and it kept me from being able to enjoy the book to its fullest.”
Marked: A Dark High School Bully Romance (An Evergreen Academy Novel Book 1) “This book is one of the best books I've read in a long time! Vincent created a masterpiece with this novel. High school bullying, privileges of the wealthy, and teachers/administrators that are helpless to help, make for a thrilling and wild ride through what should be a safe and protected high school experience for the protagonist. This is not your average high school bullying novel, and can be appreciated by mature teens and adults alike. I can't wait to read Broken, the next book in the series. I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed that Broken doesn't seem to have an audio version at this time. The narrator added so much to this story with her magnificent performance. I wish I could give this book more stars, as 5 stars doesn't do it justice.”