A Farewell to Charms

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Sex sells…for everyone except the person cleaning up after it!

I’m Paige Harper, and I’ve got problems paying the bills. My cleaning service for paranormal messes has only one major client. Charms is half gambling den, half brothel, and 100 percent of my income. Unfortunately, on the same week I’m due to get paid –  Charms gets robbed. 

The ogre madame can’t pay me, cover her bribes, or keep her teenage daughter in line. Somehow, I’m in charge of fixing all these things – while trying to figure out if the guy I’m dating is a serial killer.  

On top of all that, Nico – a one-eyed werewolf private detective – is on the case, too. He gets under my skin, and has made it clear he wouldn’t mind getting under my clothes. Somehow, I’ve gotta keep things strictly professional. Sure, no problem.

It’s a lot of balls to keep in the air, but it’s a juggling act I’ve got to ace, or else it’s farewell to Charms, my livelihood, and maybe even my life. 

1 review for A Farewell to Charms

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Paige and her friends, and enemies, are a fun group all tied up in a paranormal soap opera. It’s good lighthearted fun with plenty of humor along with “problems” unique to the paranormal genre. The lightheaded portion is our female protagonist’s reactions being primarily guided by hormones.

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