Father of Darkness

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An ancient darkness from the time of humanity’s original sin. From the distant past, when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, he rose. Half man, half creature, a fallen angel. He creates Children of the Night, who feed on blood. Risen from the underworld, he walks the earth for eternity as punishment and now punishes all those who cross him.

He’s forever searching, a hunger that can never be satisfied until he finds what he seeks.

He must find the Mother of Light to restore balance to humanity, but some would stop at nothing to prevent the dark and the light from coming together.

Lies, romance, deceit, extreme violence, murder, betrayal, drama, suspense.

Please be advised, this book contains adult language and sexual content.

This book is not for the faint-hearted. Listen with caution!

1 review for Father of Darkness

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Sorry, I hate to write negative reviews but this one really got to me…for over 11 hours! The Father of Darkness is all-powerful and older than Adam & Eve. Yet, when he finally finds his “true mate,” he loses her for months?!? During this time she is tortured by her boyfriend. Not to worry, she suddenly appears at his university to become his teacher’s assistance. Oh, and it turns out (beyond her knowledge) that she’s the Mother of Light and also all-powerful. I could give you dozens of examples, but no, just leave it to say it’s a poorly written, meandering story of a vampire/mythology mashup.

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