Time After Time


Would you travel in the past to right a wrong?

Solve a cold case? 

Catch a killer?

Meet the five witches who will!

Lexi Catherine Sanders seemed like your average 25-year-old witch. She worked a job she liked during the day, and she was even dating a nice, non-supernatural guy. However, Lexi’s charmed life isn’t as normal as it looks on the outside. You see, Lexi is a cold-case solving, time-traveling witch.

When Lexi learned she had to travel back to 1988 to solve her next case, she strapped on her Z. Cavaricci jeans and grabbed her bottle of Aqua Net hairspray and ’80s mixed tape. After all, this isn’t her first rodeo. How hard could it be? But when she’s relocated to an old insane asylum – now turned private nursing home – to track down the killer, Lexi has to admit her nerves are a little rattled. 

With her familiar Rex the Rat by her side, an ’80s wanna-be superstar, and a gaggle of older ladies who like to dirty dance, Lexi tackles the job of finding out who killed two people in cold blood.

Can she rely on her wits, magic, and sidekicks to outsmart the killer? Or, will it be like the lyrics say and Lexi’s drum beats out of time, time after time.

Each book stands on its own, but you’ll have more fun if you listen to them all together!


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