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Isis Ray
A Faithful Bride For The Wounded Sheriff (Bear Creek Brides, Book 2) “I enjoyed the second book in the Bear Creek Bride series. I liked that the sheriff found a good woman for him. I liked the chemistry between Jacob and Rosa. I also enjoyed the fact that we got a glimpse into more of Matthew and Jenny's life too. Each couple is wonderful in this series so far. The secondary characters are great too. I would love to hear more about some of them...maybe she will write a book about some of them too. I look forward to listening or reading more books by this author. Once again I enjoyed listening to the narrator his voice is as smooth as velvet and is wonderful to hear. I am sure to listen to more books he reads”
The Rescued Bride’s Savior (Bear Creek Brides, Book 1) “I really enjoyed this story. I found it to be a great mail order bride story. I liked the interaction between the characters. Mathew and Jenny were very compassionate people. I loved that his best friend was an Indian in a time where they were so feared. I loved that she was open minded to that as well. The plot was interesting and kept me engaged. I felt bad when things went from good to bad. I was elated when they went back to good again. The narrator did a fantastic job as well. He is always very good at bringing characters to life. I would listen to him read any book, any day, all day. I would highly recommend this book and this narrator to anyone who enjoys reading historical romance reads about mail order brides.”
Bones & Drones “I enjoyed listening to this book. I have not read or listened to any books by this author before but I know I will again in the future. The writing flows well and the plot keeps you listening. I really enjoyed Paislee's character. She was quirky and interesting. I liked the fact that she was a bit morbid too. There is a good balance of mystery and a little romance. The narrator was great as well. She had a pleasant voice that I could listen to all day. She was good at giving each character a voice. I would listen to more books narrated by her. I might even pick a book outside my normal comfort zone if she was the one reading it.”
Happy For You “I enjoyed listening to this book. The author does a great job chronicling their lives and going back and forth between the past and the present. I liked the characters and enjoyed the plot line as well. The narrator makes the words jump right off the pages and brings the characters to life. I enjoyed listening to her smooth voice. I would recommend this book and narrator to others. I am sure to listen or read another book by this author.”
‘Mums in November “This was another good book in this series. It wasn't my favorite though. I feel the others were better. I am not sure what exactly was missing for me in this one...but I still enjoy this series and this author. I am sure others will enjoy it too. I look forward to reading more in this series. Of course there is a nice amount of drama and suspense in the book that will keep you listening. I am going to add this author to my auto read/listen list and keep my eye out for more of her books. The narrator did a good job once again as well.”
Lily of the Valley in May “I am really enjoying this series. I also like that it doesn't have to be read in order since each book focuses on different characters. They each have a great balance of romance and suspense. I also like the fact that each character has to learn something or grow in some way. Joel and Faith are an endearing couple. This book (and the others in this series) has a lot of heart. There are moments that had me near or in tears. There is a lot in this story that warmed my heart and will remain in my memory. I am sure to revisit this story again in the future. The narrator did a good job as well. She reads at a nice pace that doesn't feel rushed or to drag on. I would recommend this book to others.”
Sweet Peas in April “I enjoyed listening to this book. I liked the characters a lot. I liked this book more than the first one I listened to. I liked the fact that Adam and Sam were an inter-racial couple. I could relate to that. I think it was wonderful how the circumstance drew them back into the same space again. This series is realistic in the issues each couple has to face...though some are more believable than others. Each book is a standalone and focuses on a different couple. It was a nice, quick, and easy listen. Once again I would highly recommend the book to others. I like the fact that this series is narrated by the same woman. She dose a good job at reading the books. I look forward to listening to more of these books.”
Daffodils in March “This is a sweet second chance romance. I loved most of the character. I wasn't the biggest fan of David until much later in the book. I liked Eden and thought she was a very loving wonderful friend to Hanna. There was more death in this book than I would of liked but it didn't ruin the story. I liked that this was a Christian romance as well. This book isn't for everyone because of the religious aspects to it but I would highly recommend it to others who enjoy this genre. The narrator was alright. It took me awhile to warm up to her...but she did a good job reading the book. I am glad I did because I will be listening to some of the other books in this series shortly. This is the first book I have listened to by this author and read by the narrator. I know others will enjoy this book as much as I did.”
What the Heart Holds “I enjoyed this book. It was sweet. I like how both the main characters had a past that they had to get over. Both of them had room to grow. Their first encounter was about how the damsel meets her knight but she doesn't know it yet. I always love a well educated woman who isn't afraid to stand out. I have not previously read or listened to this author but I am sure to again. The narrator did a good job too. This book is sure to bring others a very satisfying experience.”
Mail Order Bride: Montana Bargain (Echo Canyon Brides, Book 2) “I am loving this series so far. I really liked the main characters in this book. I loved that the heroine was a doctor when it wasn’t popular to be a woman doctor. I also enjoyed the fact that her hubby to be read romance often do you find a guy who really enjoys them. I liked that it started out as something he did with his mom. I liked their development and burgeoning romance. I am sure others will enjoy it too. The narrator was great as well. I could listen to him read any book. I would recommend both to other audiobook listeners who enjoy this genre.”
Mail Order Bride: Montana Rescue (Echo Canyon Brides, Book 1) “I enjoyed listening to this story. I liked that it was clean and sweet. There was a good array of characters with stories that intertwined well. I will definitely be listening to more books in this series. I thought the plot moved along at a good steady pace. It was easy to follow all the characters. I felt they were believable. I liked most of the characters with the exception of a couple. There was a good balance between the drama and romance aspects of the story. I liked the narrator as well. He did a good job at reading and at giving each character a voice. I would highly recommend both the author and narrator to others.”