Mail Order Bride: Montana Bargain (Echo Canyon Brides, Book 2)

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Dr. Erin Avery and Dr. Winslow Wu strike a bargain: Echo, Montana, needs a doctor; Erin wants her own practice; and he wants a wife. They find love together, but a lurking darkness threatens to kill their dreams of happiness.

2 reviews for Mail Order Bride: Montana Bargain (Echo Canyon Brides, Book 2)

  1. Isis Ray

    I am loving this series so far. I really liked the main characters in this book. I loved that the heroine was a doctor when it wasn’t popular to be a woman doctor. I also enjoyed the fact that her hubby to be read romance novels…how often do you find a guy who really enjoys them. I liked that it started out as something he did with his mom. I liked their development and burgeoning romance. I am sure others will enjoy it too. The narrator was great as well. I could listen to him read any book. I would recommend both to other audiobook listeners who enjoy this genre.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    I have to acknowledge the very comical and realistic characters portrayed by the narrator, through the voice characteristics of each person encountered. It adds so much to the an already charming collection of stories.

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