Sweet Peas in April

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Adam West, a high powered lawyer, gets the shock of his life when he arrives to meet a new client. She’s the wife he hasn’t seen since they separated 10 years ago.

Sam Reece doesn’t need the added complication of working with the husband who abandoned her a decade ago. She’s tried hard to put her failed marriage behind her, going back to her maiden name even though they never got divorced. The situation is bad enough as it is, but it seems Adam is the only person who can help.

Can they ever move past the tragedy of the past, or will its long shadow prevent them ever working together?

2 reviews for Sweet Peas in April

  1. Isis Ray

    I enjoyed listening to this book. I liked the characters a lot. I liked this book more than the first one I listened to. I liked the fact that Adam and Sam were an inter-racial couple. I could relate to that. I think it was wonderful how the circumstance drew them back into the same space again. This series is realistic in the issues each couple has to face…though some are more believable than others. Each book is a standalone and focuses on a different couple. It was a nice, quick, and easy listen. Once again I would highly recommend the book to others. I like the fact that this series is narrated by the same woman. She dose a good job at reading the books. I look forward to listening to more of these books.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    An estranged couple are unexpectedly foisted together 10 years after their original separation.
    In the process of finding the money trail of an employee accused of embezzlement and a counter claim of wrongful dismissal, the spark that they once had is reignited.
    However, there is a further complicated situation that causes drama and intrigue.
    Yes an interesting story of intrigue and second chance romance.

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