Rogue Crystal

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Avery loves the prospect of visiting Scarya with her cousin and boyfriend. Adventure and romance surely await in this exotic country. Instead, war breaks out, and Avery ends up with an ancient sword everyone is dying to possess.

Scarya isn’t just a foreign land – the more time Avery is trapped there, the more she learns about her past. Her ancestors originated in Scarya, and one of them brought an enchanted crystal with him to Scarya from space. She never expected an alien to ruin her vacation, but sometimes, the past has a way of reappearing.

1 review for Rogue Crystal

  1. Shakera Blakney

    Aug 05, 2018 · edit
    liked it

    While the synopsis is interesting, I found myself wondering what I was reading. I think it started off great, but it dragged in places, and I lost interest in other places. I am interested to see where this goes, but I can’t say I love this book. The narration is what save this for me.

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