World of Rot


A changed world.
A family in crisis.
A future so uncertain no one is guaranteed to survive…

With the population decimated and hellish creatures loose upon the world, Andra and her family retreat to Quinn’s farm where they hope to build a new life. But the monsters are still a mystery and their habits unpredictable, making it impossible to know what’s going to happen next. The more they learn, the more questions they have, and the more Andra worries for her daughter’s safety.

As if living in an apocalyptic world isn’t stressful enough, Andra finds herself increasingly drawn to Quinn as the days pass, which is a distraction she definitely doesn’t need when disaster once again strikes. Braving harsh conditions and monstrous creatures, the group must work together to save one of their own. But with the odds so stacked against them, Andra can’t help wondering if the battle they’re facing can even be won…


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