Far from Hpe


How far would you go to cling to hope at the end of the world?

For almost four years, the survivors in Elizabethtown have worked to make the settlement as safe and self-sustaining as possible. They’ve created a solar field, planted crops, raised livestock, and cultivated relationships with other groups in the area, trading skills and goods when necessary. Life will never be what it was before the zombies, but thanks to their hard work, they’ve created something as close to normal as possible, and they’re thriving.

Rowan, Devon, Kiaya, and Doug are happy. They’ve built lives for themselves, created families, and the future is looking good. But when a new group arrives in Elizabethtown, bringing news about what’s happening in other parts of the country, everything they thought about the world is turned upside down. Now they’re faced with a choice. Continue to brave the apocalypse alone, or join forces with a new government. The risks are high, the benefits extreme, and the threat of what might happen if they continue on their own terrifying. But not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea, and as the days stretch out, the stakes grow higher, as do the doubts.


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