Witch and Warrior

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A witch and a warrior. Mortal enemies.

Can they work together to save everything they love?

Astrid, a witch of the Ironwood, is content in her life. Her people live separately as a group of women who acknowledge no man’s rule, using sorcery to conceal and protect themselves. When Astrid’s vision reveals a quest with a warrior she has never met, she sets out to fulfill her destiny.

Huw is a Jomsviking, part of a legendary group of mercenary fighters whose reputation is both feared and admired. A ruthless warrior, he is used to having his every word obeyed without question.

Thrown together by a goddess with her own agenda, the witch and the warrior must find a way to defeat an ancient evil that has been resurrected. It threatens not only the witches of the Ironwood, but to upset the balance of power forever. 

Each faces a dilemma. Astrid must choose between her beloved sisterhood and the warrior who commands her submission. Huw must decide between being a member of an ancient brotherhood and the woman who has captured his heart.

In an evil and dangerous world, they face a battle of passion and destiny.

1 review for Witch and Warrior

  1. Debra Anne Boulier

    Well-written, fast-paced and steamy book for sure. For me, Delta James never disappoints. JT Farrell’s narration makes it all the more better

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