Wish You Weren’t Here


I was done with my djinn ex-boyfriend, but now, I’m the only one who can save his life.

I’m already in enough trouble with my magic going crazy right when I’m opening a storefront for romantic crimes consulting. The last thing I need is interference from Kiran Singh, who failed spectacularly as a boyfriend. Now, he wants me back with some crappy excuse of helping him track down illegal, dangerous love potions.

Then, one of his other exes tries to kill me in a fit of jealous, doped-up rage and ends up dead herself – with all evidence pointing to Kiran. 

My vegetarian vampire mate Cendric is convinced Kiran is up to something. But homicide isn’t Kiran’s style, even if he’s starting to show serious psycho-jealousy of his own. Someone else is pulling the strings, and they don’t care how many people die from fake love. 

And if we can’t track down the real mastermind, my ex is going to disappear. And not in the way I’d wish.

Buy now and enjoy the Steel City Genie series, a snarky urban fantasy featuring a blue-collar genie, a romantic subplot with heat (nothing graphic), and gleeful send-ups of many romantic fantasy tropes, plus otter-shifters and coffee addictions.


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