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**Narrators note: This is part 2 of The Nothing Mage Saga! If you haven’t heard part 1 yet, I might still have a code you can find here. If not, you can find it on Audible here.
Part 3 will be uploaded next week so start the series now!**


“He came aboard a broken ship,

To Lethis on the waves,

With lies and tricks and evil spells,

Their future, he would pave.

Beware, oh King, the nothing mage,

A force that pierces all,

The golden bell that sings of death,

‘Till lords and empires fall.

In silent dark, in dead of night,

He came in from the cold,

And through their screams and dying gasps,

The bell remained untolled.”

At long last, Declan and his companions have arrived at the floating city of Lethis. Safely in neutral territory, the mages can continue their studies and even compete in the legendary Lethian Tournament. That is, until an unwelcome guest disrupts the competition, and Declan finds himself dragged beneath the dark waves and into a world of mystery and fate.

War has come to the denizens of Teralia, and the nothing mage is no exception.

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  1. Laura Rose

    This second book in the series was better than the first one. I enjoyed this story so much more. I saw some character growth in the protagonist which I felt was lacking in the first book. The story itself had more twists and was faster paced. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. I recommend this series to others who like this genre, but there are some instances where coarse language is used. Spencer Dillehay is an awesome narrator and his narration adds to the story’s entertainment. I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and I have voluntarily left this review.

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